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Hope Metal Craft,  the artist “Nozomu SHIBATA”

Inabe City is located at the northernmost tip of Mie Prefecture, the city is located 1 hour from Nagoya.

Metal artist Nozomu SHIBATA lives with his family in a 150-year-old house, which he uses as his home and studio while working on his creative works. 


At the foot of Mt. Fujiwara, where there is a clear stream and abundant wildlife, he lives with his dogs and cats, keeps chickens and rabbits, and enjoys a little bit of vegetable gardening. Living in such an environment provides us with abundant inspiration for creations.


We hold open studios and workshops while offering visitors a chance to see how we live. Currently, we are accepting Workshop Projects for a small number of people only.


Half-day Workshop Experience

Visit the artist’s daily life and experience making things in his studio

[1]  What guests will create

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Let’s make a circle pendant, upcycling metal sheet.

 When metal sheets are beaten into three-dimensional shapes using the forging technique by the artist, the corners of the sheet are left over as triangles when the sheet is cut into circles. Let’s upcycle them to create unique shapes.


The scrap metal sheet has a meaningful shape that comes from the artist’s creation. By using them as materials and adding your ideas, this workshop will be like creating a form together with the artist.


The sharp edges can be shaved or beaten to add texture. Then we will rivet the pieces together to form along your image. Finally, attach metal fittings for stringing, and the copper circle pendant is complete.


Since there are various shapes of scraped metal, you can make other shapes by changing the combination of the pieces. It is up to your ideas!  It may be a good idea to put an engraving on it.  


[2] Souvenir Work by Artist

A tin cup,made by Nozomu SHIBATA, from a sheet of metal using the forging technique.


You can take home one of your choice. We will put your initials on it to commemorate your visit to our studio.


[3] After enjoying making things..

You will find seasonal flowers, vegetable fields, and animals in our studio- home. Please feel the country life.


There are many old houses, a local train station, and old shrines in the village, making it an enjoyable environment to stroll around. The artist will guide you as much as time permits. 




Schedule and time required for the experience

Please check the available workshop dates on this reservation website.

For reservation at the moment,
Please contact us by e-mail below.    

and  available only on Sunday up to March 2024.

(Please change * to @)

The time set aside for the half-day experience is approximately 3 hours. (making things, information on country life, etc.)



HOPE METAL CRAFT, Nozomu Shibata’s home and studio

Please come to the venue by yourself.

   664 Okaido, Fujiwara-cho, Inabe-shi, Mie, 511-0517


By car:

20 minutes from the Daian Interchange, search for ”HOPE METAL CRAFT” on Google Maps.


If you like old trains:

you can also take the Sangi Railway Sangi Line. Transfer at Kintetsu Tomida Station for about 50 minutes. Get off at Nishifujiwara Station, the last stop, and walk 5 minutes.




Price — Including souvenir a tin cup

19,800 yen per person (tax included)


Included in the fee is:

 the “circle pendant” that you will make by yourself, its material costs, and the cost of the workshop.

One “tin cup” made by the artist to take home.

Visiting to see artists life in the countryside.


Number of participants

Minimum 2 people. Up to 4 people are possible.


Reservations and Inquiries

For reservation at the moment,
Please contact us by e-mail below,   and  available only on Sunday up to March 2024.

If you have any questions, please send an email to the following Email address with the title “Workshop Inquiry” to the artist.

(Please change * to @)

In the body of the email, please be sure to include

* Your name

* Your phone number (just in case we cannot contact by Email)